Reduce the Level of Radon in Your Home

We can perform radon mitigation services in Wapello & Burlington, IA and surrounding areas.

Radon is hazardous and hard to detect if you don't have the correct equipment. Solar Imput Inc offers radon mitigation services that will reduce the level of radon in your home.

During your radon mitigation appointment, we will:

  • Reduce the level of radon exposure in your home
  • Drill a hole into your basement
  • Retest radon levels after process is complete
  • Verify that radon levels are low instead of high

Seven out of 10 homes in Iowa have radon levels that exceed federal guidelines. Call 319-752-1568 today to schedule a radon test and potential follow-up radon mitigation appointment.

Ask about our moisture mitigation services

Ask about our moisture mitigation services

When your HVAC system doesn't run efficiently or your crawl space isn't encapsulated, moisture can seep into different areas in your home and potentially cause mold growth. Through our moisture mitigation services, we can prevent moisture from entering your house in Wapello & Burlington, IA. Our moisture mitigation work will leave you with a moisture-free home and won't require any extra maintenance on your part. Contact us today to learn more.